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Special Announcement: The Farm Bureau Family of Companies is dedicated to providing for and protecting Michiganders. To this end, we are encouraging all policyholders and members to review their coverage limits on their insurance policy(ies). With recent increases in the cost of goods, services, and construction, we want to do our part to ensure Michigan residents are properly protected. Please contact your local agent if you believe that your coverage limits may need to be increased.


Close up of a man's hand held out in front of him holding a circular sticker that reads "I VOTED TODAY."

2022 AgriPAC Endorsed Candidates

The following Friends of Agriculture are endorsed in the Nov. 8 general election.


Tudor Dixon (R)


Matt DePerno (R)


Jocelyn Benson (D)


Brian Zahra (incumbent)

Paul Hudson


Dr. Travis Menge (R)

Mike Balow (R)


District 1: Jack Bergman (R)

District 2: John Moolenaar (R)

District 3: John Gibbs (R)

District 4: Bill Huizenga (R)

District 5: Tim Walberg (R)

District 6: Debbie Dingell (D)

District 7: Tom Barrett (R)

District 8: Dan Kildee (D)

District 9: Lisa McClain (R)

District 10: John James (R)


District 9: Michael Webber (R)

District 11: Mike MacDonald (R)

District 12: Pamela Hornberger (R)

District 13: Jason Rhines (R)

District 14: Tim Golding (R)

District 16: Joseph Bellino Jr. (R)

District 17: Jonathan Lindsey (R)

District 18: Thomas Albert (R)

District 20: Aric Nesbitt (R)

District 22: Lana Theis (R)

District 23: Jim Runestad (R)

District 24: Ruth Johnson (R)

District 25: Dan Lauwers (R)

District 26: Kevin Daley (R)

District 27: John Cherry (D)

District 29: Tommy Brann (R)

District 30: Mark Huizenga (R)

District 31: Roger Victory (R)

District 32: Jon Bumstead (R)

District 33: Rick Outman (R)

District 34: Roger Hauck (R)

District 35: Annette Glenn (R)

District 36: Michele Hoitenga (R)

District 37: John Damoose (R)

District 38: Ed McBroom (R)


District 4: Karen Whitsett (D)

District 10: Joe Tate (D)

District 21: David Staudt (R)

District 23: Jason Morgan (D)

District 25: Kevin Coleman (D)

District 29: Alex Garza (D)

District 30: William Bruck (R)

District 31: Dale Biniecki (R)

District 34: Dale Zorn (R)

District 35: Andrew Fink (R)

District 37: Brad Paquette (R)

District 38: Kevin Whiteford (R)

District 39: Pauline Wendzel (R)

District 40: Kelly Sackett (R)

District 41: Julie Rogers (D)

District 42: Matt Hall (R)

District 43: Rachelle Smit (R)

District 44: Dave Morgan (R)

District 45: Sarah Lightner (R)

District 46: Kathy Schmaltz (R)

District 47: Tina Bednarski-Lynch (R)

District 48: Jason Woolford (R)

District 49: Ann Bollin (R)

District 50: Robert Bezotte (R)

District 51: Matt Maddock (R)

District 52: Mike Harris (R)

District 55: Mark Tisdel (R)

District 57: Thomas Kuhn (R)

District 58: Michelle Smith (R)

District 59: Doug Wozniak (R)

District 63: Jay DeBoyer (R)

District 64: Andrew Beeler (R)

District 65: Jamie Greene (R)

District 67: Phil Green (R)

District 68: David Martin (R)

District 69: Jasper Martus (D)

District 71: Brian BeGole (R)

District 72: Mike Mueller (R)

District 76: Angela Witwer (D)

District 78: Gina Johnsen (R)

District 79: Angela Rigas (R)

District 80: Jeffrey Johnson (R)

District 81: Lynn Afendoulis (R)

District 83: Lisa DeKryger (R)

District 84: Mike Milanowski Jr. (R)

District 85: Bradley Slagh (R)

District 86: Nancy DeBoer (R)

District 88: Greg VanWoerkom (R)

District 89: Luke Meerman (R)

District 90: Bryan Posthumus (R)

District 91: Pat Outman (R)

District 92: Jerry Neyer (R)

District 93: Graham Filler (R)

District 95: Bill G. Schuette (R)

District 96: Timothy Beson (R)

District 97: Matt Bierlein (R)

District 98: Gregory Alexander (R)

District 99: Mike Hoadley (R)

District 100: Tom Kunse (R)

District 101: Joseph Fox (R)

District 102: Curt VanderWall (R)

District 103: Jack O’Malley (R)

District 104: John Roth (R)

District 105: Ken Borton (R)

District 106: Cam Cavitt (R)

District 107: Neil Friske (R)

District 108: Dave Prestin (R)

District 109: Melody Wagner (R)

District 110: Greg Markkanen (R)

AgriPac Election Endorsements

Interested in getting involved in the candidate evaluation process? Contact your county Farm Bureau to participate and help elect candidates who will work to give agriculture a voice in Lansing and Washington, D.C.

Find Your Local Farm Bureau