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Nominations open for Farm Bureau political leadership academy

To continue increasing the food and agriculture sector’s presence in government, Michigan Farm Bureau is seeking nominations for its Academy for…

Six charities see support grants from Agent Charitable Fund

Six charitable organizations across the state were recently awarded $5,000 Feeding the Future Grants for fighting food insecurity, a function of Farm…

Resolutions urge action on fertilizer prices, shortages

The Michigan House Agriculture Committee unanimously approved two resolutions — supported by Farm Bureau — urging Congress to address fertilizer…

Livingston Co. FB urges community to ‘Go Gardening’

More than 50 attendees took advantage of a broad-spectrum gardening workshop recently sponsored by Livingston County Farm Bureau and hosted at a…

MFB urges survey participation to keep ‘agriculture’ in Career Technical Education

Advance CTE, the longest-standing national non-profit representing State Career Technical Education (CTE) directors, is proposing to remove the word …

Emerging issue: Environmental Justice

Environmental justice can mean different things based on an individual’s values and perception of what is just.

Emerging issue: Antitrust and Consolidation in Agriculture

Consolidation is occurring across all sectors of the agricultural industry at the farm, supply, and service levels. Agriculture continues to see a…

Emerging issue: Contaminants

Contamination can reach a farm through the air, surface or groundwater, or land application of soil amendments.

Emerging issue: Carbon and Ecosystem Services Markets

Ecosystem services credits can be generated for water quality improvements, water use efficiency improvements, and more.

Emerging issue: Data Privacy and Performance Metrics

Whether a farmer is participating in programs to protect water quality, reduce greenhouse gases, protect food safety, or receive incentives for…

Emerging issue: Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage separates the carbon dioxide from the emissions of industrial processes and stores it underground. Farmers may interact…

County FBs contribute to CAFO permit lawsuit

Seven County Farm Bureaus have approved contributions totaling $29,500 to help cover fees in lawsuits against the Michigan Department of Energy,…
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