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State Policy Development Committee

State Policy Development Committee

The Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) Policy Development Committee is charged with reviewing hundreds of policy recommendations from 65 county Farm Bureaus. 

The committee's final report of proposed state and federal policy resolutions is then debated and voted on by member delegates to the MFB Annual Meeting each year.

Committee members are appointed by the MFB Board of Directors and serve a one-year term, with eligibility for a one-year reappointment. The committee is chaired by the current vice president of the MFB Board of Directors.

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Michigan Farm Bureau 2021
Policy Development Committee

District 1 - Matt Nilson

District 2 - Jack Sackrider

District 3 - Michael Genovese

District 4 - Paul Pyle

District 5 - Robert Carlin

District 6 - John Bowsky

District 7 - Greg Heinze

District 8 - Abe Pasch

District 9 - Isaiah Wunsch 

District 10 - Eldon Barclay

District 11 - Jarris Rubingh

District 12 - Dean Shepeck

At-Large - Chris Donbrock

At-Large - Melissa Morlock

Promotion & Education - Cathy McCune

Young Farmer - Kyle McCarty

Young Farmer - Travis Fusilier 

Young Farmer - Kristi Keilen 

Board of Directors - Andy Hagenow 

Board of Directors - Michael DeRuiter

Board of Directors - Stephanie Schafer