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Climate Change #75

Farmers were the original environmental pioneers and have led the environmental movement regarding land, water, and air quality since the beginning of agrarian practices. We urge Michigan Farm Bureau, with the assistance of Michigan State University, to research and communicate to its membership the impact climate change legislation and policies and the resulting legislative and policy changes will have on our industry.

We support:

  • Research and investments to assist agriculture in adapting to climate variability.

We oppose:

  • Mandatory restrictions to achieve agricultural greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • Mandates, such as carbon taxes or fees and cap and trade policies.
  • State or federal mandates that are not fully funded.
  • Any attempt to regulate emissions from animals.
  • Emission control rules for farming practices, farm equipment, grain handling facilities, etc.
  • The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy involvement in the state’s determination of energy needs; that is the role of the Michigan Public Service Commission.
  • Non-scientific assumptions linking biofuel production and international land use.

Submit a Policy Idea

If you’re a Farm Bureau member and have an idea or amendment that you think should be Farm Bureau policy, we want to hear it! Our quick online form makes it easy to get involved in Farm Bureau’s policy-setting process.