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Emmet hosts appreciation for farm workers, senior members

Emmet County Farm Bureau honored its members’ vital H-2A guest workers with a Mexican-inspired menu at its recent ‘Farming Fiesta’ appreciation event.
Date Posted: June 29, 2022

Emmet County Farm Bureau’s recent Farming Fiesta Appreciation Day was a dual celebration of its members’ vital H-2A guest workers, and 14 of its most senior members. This event was held at Bill’s Farm Market June 26.

As the guests arrived they heard music from south of the border to set the mood. Popcorn was popping and Megan Nothelfer, our local Farm Bureau Insurance agent, was scooping ice cream.

The event started with a prayer from Rich Ginop and Pledge of Allegiance by Jenny Johnson.

County President (and host) Bill McMaster introduced our local candidates running for state senate and house offices.

Then I had the special pleasure of honoring the combined 1,423 years of service from our 90+ members — all 14 of them! After some lighthearted storytelling — and plenty of laughter — Bill presented each with a certificate of appreciation.

Next I spoke about the importance of our H-2A workers and thanking them all for being with us.

Then it was time to open the food line! Everyone enjoyed the Mexican-inspired menu prepared by Maria Ginop and Mariah Heinz, and served by Jenny Johnson and Parker Fairbairn.

Attendees also enjoyed hayride-style tours through Bill’s vegetable and flower fields, including a stop to admire the Hoffman Black Angus herd.

All the while our members and guests browsed through an exhibit of historic farm pictures and visited with Joe Hoffman about farm life when his ancestors came from Germany in the late 1900s.

Overall it was a great event that gave the Emmet County Farm Bureau board a chance to visit with members, guests and showcase the value of Farm Bureau membership.

Ben Blaho is vice president of the Emmet County Farm Bureau.