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Welcome Delegates!

Here you will find important delegates-only information to guide you through the critical mission of policy development that will take place during this year’s meeting.

delegate floor

Policy Development

The process for the Nov. 30 – Dec. 1 delegate sessions includes:  

  1. Discussion time is 15 minutes per policy. 

  2. Scheduled policies will be discussed at the start of each delegate session, followed by American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) recommendations, then state and Michigan Farm Bureau policies.  

  3. State and MFB policies (both amended and reaffirmed) will be voted on by title only, five at a time. This excludes the scheduled policies. Like the reaffirmation process in prior years, delegates may request to withdraw a policy from the group, to be discussed and voted on separately. 

  4. During consideration of the blocks of five policies, please submit amendments at least three blocks in advance. 

  5. AFBF recommendations will be reviewed individually. 

Proposed Resolutions

The 2021 Resolutions Book is available as an interactive PDF.

(NOTE: Printed versions will be available at in-person District Meetings.)

Seating Chart

Find out where delegates in your county will be sitting during the sessions.

Intro to 2021 Delegate Session

Rules, procedures and delegate details...

Delegate Quick Tips

Answers to common questions here...