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Special Announcement: The Farm Bureau Family of Companies is dedicated to providing for and protecting Michiganders. To this end, we are encouraging all policyholders and members to review their coverage limits on their insurance policy(ies). With recent increases in the cost of goods, services, and construction, we want to do our part to ensure Michigan residents are properly protected. Please contact your local agent if you believe that your coverage limits may need to be increased.


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Now here's a members-only saving that can really add up. Michigan Farm Bureau members can save 15 cents a gallon on their first four visits with Marathon's MakeItCount™ Rewards program. And, new enrollees can save 10 cents a gallon on the following four visits.  Plus, five cents a gallon on every future visit. Enrolling is quick and easy. Log in to get started!


Unlock the exclusive MarathonMakeItCount™ member savings in 3 easy steps: 

  1.  Log in to your Michigan Farm Bureau account for your unique MFB CentsOff® code
  2. Follow the instructions to download the app and sign up.
  3. Visit a participating Marathon station and follow the prompts to use your reward.

Using your MakeItCount Rewards

  1. Select MakeItCount™ or CentsOff® before transaction

  2. Enter MakeItCount ID 11+Phone Number (11 + ###-###-####)

  3. Select YES to use CentsOff® reward and earn points

Join or be an existing member of MakeItCount™ Rewards to save 15 cent per gallon (up to 20 gallons per transaction) on your next four fill-ups. New MakeItCount™ members will then receive a savings of 10 cents per gallon on their next four transactions, up to 20 gallons per transaction, then save 5 cents after previous discounts have been completed or expired. Members have 120 days from the time of joining the program to redeem these four uses. Existing MakeItCount™ members will save 5 cents per gallon, every day after the above has been completed or expired.  

Additional terms and conditions may apply, please see the full FAQs for more information.

Michigan Farm Bureau member savings are subject to change.

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How Do I Access Savings?

Cash in on your Farm Bureau membership like this with exclusive discounts and savings.

What’s membership without members-only perks? From discounts on stays at your favorite Michigan resorts to everyday items, MFB members can save big.

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