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Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies

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We hope you'll take a moment to check things out. We are still under construction in some areas so please bear with us as we continue to enhance your web experience. 


Special Announcement: The Farm Bureau Family of Companies is dedicated to providing for and protecting Michiganders. To this end, we are encouraging all policyholders and members to review their coverage limits on their insurance policy(ies). With recent increases in the cost of goods, services, and construction, we want to do our part to ensure Michigan residents are properly protected. Please contact your local agent if you believe that your coverage limits may need to be increased.

FB Drives Michigan!

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Introducing FB Drives Michigan!

Where Safe Driving Turns into Savings

Farm Bureau policyholders can now enjoy more discounts by joining our FREE usage-based insurance program. FB Drives Michigan! rewards drivers with money-saving discounts based on their safe driving. The program also provides personalized feedback helping drivers continue to make safer choices.  

With FB Drives Michigan!, you could save up to 15% immediately for signing up1. At your next renewal, your good driving could pay off even more – up to 45%.  

1 An immediate auto premium discount of 15% is applied when enrolling in an annual term policy. A 12% auto premium discount is applied for six-month terms. 

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Enroll Today

Contact your Farm Bureau Insurance agent to enroll in FB Drives Michigan!. Don’t have an agent? Find one today! 

Here's how to get started: 


Contact Your Agent

Contact your Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan agent to receive enrollment instructions. 
Sign up


Download the FB Drives Michigan! app, login, and complete activation. Drive as usual and confirm your first few trips.

Drive & Save

The app will measure driving behaviors that make up your individual driving score. At your next renewal, your score will be applied as a discount.

Good Driving Brings Better Discounts

FB Drives Michigan! will determine your discount based on the following factors:  

  • Total miles driven 
  • Excessive braking  
  • Safe speeds (Under 80 mph)   
  • Time of day (limited late-night trips)  
  • Distracted driving  

The safer you drive, the higher your discount! Contact your Farm Bureau Insurance agent to start saving today. 

Find an Agent
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FB Drives Michigan! FAQ's