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Special Announcement: The Farm Bureau Family of Companies is dedicated to providing for and protecting Michiganders. To this end, we are encouraging all policyholders and members to review their coverage limits on their insurance policy(ies). With recent increases in the cost of goods, services, and construction, we want to do our part to ensure Michigan residents are properly protected. Please contact your local agent if you believe that your coverage limits may need to be increased.

POWER UP: 65 county Farm Bureaus strong!

Maintaining good relations with elected officials at all levels rests on the shoulders of county Farm Bureau public policy committees.
Date Posted: November 11, 2022

As Michigan’s voice of agriculture, it’s vital for county Farm Bureaus to develop relationships with elected officials. Let’s power up as we forge into 2023!

Whether it’s attending a meet-n-greet at the local coffee shop, inviting a newly elected legislator for a farm visit, or traveling to Lansing and D.C. to meet with elected officials, Farm Bureau members are needed to help keep agriculture, farm families and rural communities on decision-makers’ radar.

With the election behind us and new legislators soon taking office, there’s no better time for county Farm Bureaus to power up and identify members with an interest in building relationships with elected officials.

County Farm Bureau boards are encouraged to identify a chair and committee members to serve on a public policy committee.

The purpose of the public policy committee is to build and maintain relationships with elected officials at all levels. To help implement Farm Bureau policy, public policy committees engage in local, state and national legislative and regulatory activities.

Get involved:

  1. Join the Farm Feed and get text-message alerts that’ll keep you on the front lines, making quick contacts with legislators and regulatory officials. Act from the comfort of wherever you are at that moment; we’ll only text you when it’s really important!
  2. Complete this short survey to let your county Farm Bureau know you’re interested in learning more about their plans for build relationships with elected officials in 2023.
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