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Livingston Co. FB urges community to ‘Go Gardening’

More than 50 attendees took advantage of a broad-spectrum gardening workshop recently sponsored by Livingston County Farm Bureau and hosted at a member’s greenhouse.
Date Posted: May 19, 2022

By Jen Esch

How often should you water your plants?

How long will flowers bloom once you bring plants home?

How much soil space do you need for tomatoes?

All these questions and plenty more were answered April 24 during a highly informative “Let’s Go Gardening” workshop at Munsell Farms Greenhouses in Fowlerville, sponsored by the Livingston County Farm Bureau.

From creating beautiful hanging baskets with a healthy balance of spillers, fillers and thrillers, to understanding how to vanquish garden pests, identify your soil and use compost, the lessons were abundant. Who knew you could grow cucumbers right on your deck in a recycled milk can with a piece of trellis coming out of the top?

Knowledge is a gift and so were the coupons for flower and vegetable plants, courtesy of Livingston County Farm Bureau, so attendees could begin creating quality gardens at home. All of the 50+ families in attendance were also treated to delicious, fresh-made donuts and refreshing apple cider or lemonade slushies.

Our thanks go to the Munsell family for offering their greenhouses and sharing their expertise. Thanks also to everyone who attended and helped bring this event to life.

Stay tuned for future local events, and thank you for supporting your county Farm Bureau.


Jen Esch is an active member of the Livingston County Farm Bureau.