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Farmers After Hours resumes March 17 with Rural Access, Wellness and You

Date Posted: March 18, 2021

Continuing our series of real talk with real experts about the real issues facing Michigan farmers, Farmers After Hours: Rural Access, Wellness and You will explore the struggles and resources available for rural healthcare, wellness and support. By breaking down the building blocks of overall health — medical healthcare, rural health trends and mental health — this series will help viewers build awareness of their current health habits and connect with resources to improve their overall well-being. 

    A wi-fi sign in an open rural field
    • March 17: Live Farmer Panel
    • March 24: Rural Access: The Struggle is Real; healthcare & broadband; Eric Frederick, Connect Michigan
    • March 31: Creating Connectivity: Resources for Rural Areas; healthcare & broadband; The Rural Broadband Association and Rural Health Association
    • April 7: Rural Health Trends; mental health, suicide and cancer; Drs. Elena Stoffel and Joe Himle, University of Michigan
    • April 14: Rural Trends: Diffusion and Meaningful Solutions; mental health, suicide and cancer; Kim Vapor and Dr. Joe Himle, University of Michigan
    • April 21: Farm Stress: The Physical and Mental Toll; real-life stressors, tolls and stigma reduction; Charlotte Halverson, AgriSafe
    • April 28: Combating Stress: Tactics, Resources and Networks; Eric Karbowski, MSU Extension
    • May 5: Live Ask-the-Expert Panel

    Register for the new Farmers After Hours series here. Catch up on previous series here on YouTube.

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